2016 Call for Papers

HalfStack is a conference focused on front-end JavaScript, in a Shoreditch pub.

Last year was our first HalfStack event, and it was a truly amazing and inspiring day.

We learned quite a bit about what makes for a great conference in a pub:

  • Fast talks and excellent speakers
  • Highly engaging, visually stimulating, interactive demos
  • Inspiring talks about major changes in the industry
  • Quick introductions to new technologies

And of course refreshments and a JavaScript pub quiz!

Last year's talks included:

  • Jonathan Fielding's clear talk about the critical path to performance
  • Michael Carter's amazing real-time demo of using Weeby.co, and the sound of dozens of Flappy Bird games being played by the audience
  • James Milner showing a 3D demo of the audience's favorite cities worldwide
  • Chris Heilmann inspiring us to rethink performance
  • Remy Sharp talking about the toxic side of free
  • Forbes Lindesay introducing architecture patterns found in React, Flux, and Redux
  • Ruth John creating a live interactive midi music performance with everyone's devices
  • Dylan Schiemann sharing lessons learned with ES6 and TypeScript

These speakers set an incredibly high bar for this year's event. For the 2nd annual HalfStack on Friday, November 18th, we're looking for a few great speakers. As a single-track conference, we have a limited about of speaker slots (eight 30-minute talks, and four 10-minute lightning talks).

If you would like to give a talk in an intimate setting that is inspiring and will work well in a pub environment (e.g. something that has a great interactive demo to support the tech, or a powerful message), we encourage you to submit your proposal. We plan to announce speakers over the next 6 months, over time, so we can save space for any new trends that should be represented.