World Skyline

Series 1

Premiering Late Summer 2021



Premiering Late Summer, 2021

Creative JS and web celebration

Front-end / Web / JavaScript / Mobile / Music / WebXR / IoT developers, designers, and decision makers

From all over the world

What to expect

An authentic, creative JavaScript and web celebration.

The first two HalfStack Online events were so amazing that we'll be back with a new format: an online weekly series of episodes. We think this new format will help us all better manage online event fatigue.

Sessions focus on things that use the web platform to express creativity, e.g. music, art, VR, thought computing, robots, games, poetry, comedy, and more.

A season pass is $29 and includes access to all live and past episodes.

If you cannot afford a ticket, we have free tickets available for students, diversity, or if you simply cannot afford the price. If you are excited about HalfStack, we want you to join us!

Call for proposals

Visit our CfP page for more information on proposing your amazing HalfStack session!

Our wonderful HalfStack Series 1 sponsors

We'll announce our HalfStack Series 1 sponsors soon. For now, here's some extra love for our HalfStack Online 2 sponsors!

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