HalfStack Series 1 will be a series of episodes premiering in September, 2021. Each episode may be watched live at 16:00 UK time, or anytime thereafter. Two episodes per month, 12 episodes in the series!

Episode 1: Fun with Audio on the Web (Premiering: September 3rd, 2021)

Maps: The Musical

Rene Rubalcava (@odoenet) Esri

The Tuning Synth

Richard Bultitude (@rbultitudezone)

Algorithmic coding + music

Mynah Marie (@EarthAbigail) Earth To Abigail

Episode 2: Real-time Games (Premiering: September 24th, 2021)

Build your own peer-to-peer game in the browser

Tom Camp (@tomcamp333) Ably

Building a multiplayer game in the web with the pub/sub pattern

Jo Franchetti (@ThisIsJoFrank) Ably

Episode 3: Approachability (Premiering: October 8th, 2021)

Collaborating on complex codebases

Ramon Huidobro (@hola_soy_milk)

Approachable accessibility with media queries

Kilian Valkhof (@kilianvalkhof) Polypane

Episode 4: Algorithmic Music (Premiering: October 22nd, 2021)

A Programmatic Approach to Music Making Using Sonic Pi

Mynah Marie (@EarthAbigail) Earth To Abigail

Music for non-musicians or how I stopped being afraid and started playing with audio

Eyal Gruss (@eyaler) Wizo Haifa‎‎

Episode 5: Chris Heilmann, !async && !await (Premiering: March 11th, 2022)

Episode 6: To be announced (Premiering: April, 2022)

Episode 7: To be announced (Premiering: May, 2022)

Episode 8: To be announced (Premiering: June, 2022)

Episode 9: To be announced (Premiering: July, 2022)

Episode 10: To be announced (Premiering: August, 2022)

Episode 11: To be announced (Premiering: September, 2022)

Episode 12: To be announced (Premiering: October, 2022)