HalfStack Online 3 to be announced soon.

HalfStack Online 3 includes many engaging sessions plus Q&A, interludes, and interactive fun. Sessions focus on things that use the JS and web platform to express creativity, e.g. music, art, VR, thought computing, robots, games, poetry, comedy, etc. HalfStack Online 3 will have JS-related music interludes, brief live chats with some of the speakers, and more fun throughout the day.

HalfStack Online 3 spans many time zones so everyone in the world can attend live for some portion of the event, and then watch the rest after the event. We expect most people will not attend the entire event live, but everyone can attend at least part of the event live and be part of the community. Preliminary speaker information will be updated regularly.

Approximate start times by location:

  • London: 13:00
  • Vienna: 14:00
  • Helsinki, Tel Aviv: 15:00
  • Mumbai: 18:30
  • Hong Kong: 21:00
  • Tokyo: 22:00
  • Sydney: 00:00 (next day)
  • Auckland: 02:00 (next day)
  • New York: 8am
  • Chicago: 7am
  • Phoenix, San Francisco: 5am
  • Honolulu: 2am