Why Sponsor?

  • Sponsors improve the attendee experience and receive recongition for sponsoring HalfStack.

  • Sponsors typically seek to raise awareness for their products, services, and/or recruiting efforts, and to bring their team together for an unforgettable day with JS and web community.

  • Sponsorships are customised to provide a solid return on investment.

  • Sponsor will feature prominently prior to the event on the event website, mailing list, social media, monthly meetups, attendee packet, and more.

  • Sponsor will feature prominently at the event on the slide deck and any other promotional materials.

  • Sponsor will feature prominently after the event on recorded videos, monthly meetups, recap blogs, and for at least 3 months after the event on the conference website.

  • Sponsor will receive our thanks during the conference.

  • Sponsor will support the JS and web community effort to make a difference in supporting COVID-19 charities.

HalfStack is open to creative sponsorship suggestions that retain our mission of providing the best possible experience for our attendees.

Compared to most conferences, HalfStack sponsorship provides high value authentic interactions with attendees for a relatively low investment.

All in-person HalfStack event sponsors receive a complimentary sponsorship for one HalfStack Online event at the same sponsorship level and a discounted offer for subsequent HalfStack Online events. Inquire for pricing to only sponsor our HalfStack Online events.


  • - HalfStack Series 1 is a brand new thing, contact us for details.

Sponsorship does not include things that do not improve the attendee experience, including email lists of attendees, speaking slots, booths/stands, etc.

In 2022-2023, we are proud to be hosting HalfStack conferences in New York, Vienna, London, Phoenix, Charlotte, Newquay, and Tel Aviv. To sponsor multiple locations, please contact us for more information.

COVID-19 Statement: Due to COVID-19, we have delayed two of our events and continue to track the current situation. Our current plan is to delay rather than cancel events and make a decision for each event approximately two months prior to the event. We will work with our sponsors on selecting new dates that are mutually convenient should we need to delay any further events.

PDF Sponsorship Prospectus