HalfStack Sponsorship Package


  • Where: Juju's Bar (formerly Corbet Place Bar & Lounge), Old Truman Brewery, Shoreditch
  • When: 17th of November, 2017
  • Who: 125 Frontend / Web / JavaScript / Mobile Developers in and around London mainly and some from Europe
  • Online
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What to Expect

This event is being hosted by London HalfStack, London's largest group of JavaScript, and HTML5 developers. Started in 2010, the group has events at least once a month to discuss all things interesting in the desktop and mobile web world. Meetups, panels, conferences, and pubs.

This event is a one day event aimed at getting the local JavaScript / Front-end / Web community together for talks and discussion. The audience is an extremely talented, passionate group of web developers, software architects, and product managers who work in the industry and thrive on sharing to drive the web forward.

Sponsors are invited to help our event through sponsorship. Choose from our sponsor levels or propose your own.

Read about the 2016 HalfStack event or watch the 2016 HalfStack videos.

Why Sponsor?

  • An intimate setting with very high quality attendees and talks.
  • Sponsorships are customized to the sponsor to give you a solid return on your investment.
  • Sponsor logo featured on the event website & mailing list
  • Sponsor will feature in the slide deck, displayed on the screens at the venue
  • Sponsor will on recorded videos
  • Sponsor will be mentioned via Social Media and at our monthly meetup events
  • Sponsor will be mentioned throughout the event and be displayed on some complimentary goodies we might produce
  • Sponsor may provide swag of sorts for distribution to each delegate (will need to be agreed with us in advance) e.g., flyers, stickers, pens, t-shirts, pins...


Small Stack (£300): Perfect for sponsors wishing to getting best value marketing and that warm feeling you are helping to save the world indirectly.

  • Name and service mentioned at start of day
  • Small size company logo on printed material/online marketing
  • Free ticket

Medium Stack (£600): Perfect for getting good exposure at the event.

  • Name and service mentioned at start of day
  • Medium size company logo on printed material/online marketing
  • Sponsorship of one small aspect of the event (let us know what you prefer)
  • Free ticket

Large Stack (£1000): Extensive exposure at the event and beyond.

  • Name and service mentioned at start of day
  • Prominent company logo on printed material/online marketing
  • Two Free tickets
  • Sponsorship of one aspect of the event (let us know what you prefer)
  • Minimum one year of promotion at the London Ajax events and London Ajax website

Complete Stack (£2000): Sponsor a major aspect of the event

  • Large Stack, plus co-sponsorship of either the afterparty or bar/refreshments during the event
  • Limited to four sponsors

Be a part of HalfStack 2017

HalfStack is an exceptionally high quality and enjoyable day of JavaScript. We're open to your creative sponsorship suggestions. Sponsor HalfStack Now to be a part of the fun!.