What's the plan with COVID-19?

In September we'll again host an event at a venue that is outdoors and open air with plenty of space. We encourage you to get vaccinated and take a covid test prior to attending the event.

Does HalfStack London sell out?

Yes, we love our venue but we're constrained by its size. Get your ticket early to save and avoid disappointment!

Where should I stay?

The Fulham Beach Club has several hotels and many Airbnb within walking distance, or it's a short walk to the district and overground tube lines.

Does HalfStack include paid vendor pitches?

No, never. Occasionally a company that has a talk accepted also chooses to sponsor HalfStack, but we have a strict policy decoupling sponsorships from speakers.

Do you sell my contact information to sponsors or send annoying emails?

Never. We will send you a few emails with information about the event, and one email after the event with follow-up information. Beyond that, if you want to hear from us again, you may opt-in to our monthly HalfStack newsletter.

Why does HalfStack cost what it does?

HalfStack delivers an authentic, high-quality experience and provide meals and drinks and have speakers traveling from out of the area. Because we do not compromise on attendee experience, we don't accept some sponsorship offers that ask for things that degrade the attendee experience. We want to make HalfStack inclusive for everyone that wants to attend (until we run out of seats). If you cannot afford our ticket prices and want to attend, we have opportunities for volunteers, students, diversity, and other discounts. Contact us and tell us how we can make sure you can attend HalfStack!

Where is the HalfStack imprint and privacy policy?

We are incorporated in the USA. We are VAT registered in the UK (GB316217429) and Austria (ATU74390367). You may also contact HalfStack.