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Due to covid-19, all in-person HalfStack events originally scheduled from March 2020 have been postponed 12-24 months.

Please bear with us as we work to update everyone with details and also make updates throughout the website. If anything lists the wrong year or date, please be patient, we'll get things updated soon.

COVID-19 refund policy: Full refunds are available up to 7 days prior to a scheduled in-person event. If you choose to keep your HalfStack ticket until the rescheduled date, we will provide you with free access to our HalfStack Online events until we can safely have in-person events again.

Series 1

Premiering September 3rd, 2021

We had two amazing HalfStack Online events. Join us for our new twice monthly series format, premiering September 3rd, 2021!

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London and Newquay

2022 events

We're hosting 3 events in the UK in 2022. Details to follow soon for a mix of outdoor and indoor events

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TBD, 2022

The second annual HalfStack Phoenix at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Chandler. This date may need to change due to covid-19.

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Tel Aviv

TBD Spring, 2022

Delayed to 2022 due to covid-19. The first HalfStack Tel Aviv will happen as soon as it's safe to have in-person events again. Tickets now available for an incredible day of JS!

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TBD 2022

The first ever HalfStack Charlotte event. Tickets now available for an incredible day of JS! New date TBD in 2022 due to covid-19

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1st July, 2022

Delayed to 2022 due to covid-19. The first ever HalfStack Newquay.

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New York

TBD August 2022

Delayed to 2022 due to covid-19. HalfStack New York will return in August 2022.

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16th September 2022

Delayed to 2022 due to covid-19. HalfStack Vienna will return on the 16th of Septmber 2022 at Ankersaal near the Hauptbahnhof.

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HalfStack events are fun, creative single track JavaScript events hosted in relaxed environments. HalfStack provides authentic, high value experiences for all attendees.

The priority for HalfStack is the attendee experience, with great food, drinks, talks, swag, and community. Hosted by London’s longest-lived JavaScript meetup group, HalfStack now extends beyond London to other cities including Vienna, Phoenix, Charlotte, Tel Aviv, Newquay, and New York. And online due to covid.

HalfStack carefully curates talks that inspire and inform the audience in a highly interactive and entertaining manner. Each HalfStack event provides An intimate feeling where each attendee has time to meet one another.

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