Plan to arrive between 9:00 and 9:30am on the date of the event & stay late for an amazing day of JavaScript web goodness!

Our 2021 schedule will be announced in mid-2021. For now, here's our 2019 schedule:

09:00 AM

Doors Open

Arrive, get your conference swag, enjoy a coffee or tea, and meet other HalfStack attendees!

10:00 AM

Welcome to HalfStack!

A warn welcome and introduction to HalfStack. Information on what to expect for an amazing day.

10:20 AM

To be announced

Una Kravets (@una) Google

Una is a dev advocate at Google and pushes the limits of fun and creativity with CSS.

More details about Una's talk will be revealed closer to the date of HalfStack.

10:55 AM

Weird `display: flex`, but OK?

Christopher Ng (@chrisrng) LinkedIn

Have you ever seen some weird CSS that was used to force a style in? This talk goes through the different problems web developers face when writing code in CSS and why that matters. The CSS we write directly affects the holistic user experience of the website from performance and accessibility, to maintenance and predictability. Furthermore, we will examine common patterns that enable developers to fall into best practices when writing CSS rather than struggle with positioning and reinvent the button.

11:25 AM

Coding Accessibility: Best practices from the front lines

Bekah Rice (@bekahble) True Matter

Accessibility is no longer something we can ignore – it’s a legal requirement. We’ll tackle the biggest accessibility pitfalls, talk about how to make the tough decisions, and go beyond the code to understand the real people who benefit from accessible sites, apps, and software.

12:00 PM

Time-traveling reactive JavaScript apps

Brian Platz (@bplatz) Fluree

Explore the benefits of programming immutable ledgers as a data service to apps and setting query peers as embedded real time enablers of these ledgers. Because these data sources are immutable and include an entire chronology of events, these real-time app implementations can leverage time in queries to add an instant rewind dial.

12:30 PM


Enjoy lunch with the HalfStack community. Options for anyone with dietary restrictions are available.

1:15 PM

Automating Your Vulnerabilities Away

Tierney Cyren (@bitandbang) Microsoft

Your apps are insecure. Not because of third-party dependenceis, but because of the runtime itself.

Node.js actively ships security updates, patching publicly disclosed vulnerabilities... and you're not shipping them into production.

This talk will go over how you can manage Node.js versions for production to ensure that you're always safe.

1:50 PM

Storytelling with Hand Puppets in AR, on the web!

Jyoti Bishnoi (@methodiva) Not A Bot Studio

With new parents like Jyoti, Hand puppets are all the rage. And while physical hand puppets are quite wonderful, they are also limited by how many you can have, and what they can do.

Here Jyoti presents a new technological breakthrough that her 2 year old daughter is absolutely gaga about: AI-driven virtual Hand puppets experienced through AR on the mobile web! At the heart of it, it's a custom hand pose recognition neural net that recognizes how you're moving your hand.

2:25 PM

Using Machine Learning To Improve UI/UX

Milecia McGregor (@FlippedCoding) Flipped Coding

The world of UI/UX is changing every month. It can be hard for developers to keep up with the newest trends and frameworks because of all the responsibilities they have. What if you could use machine learning to help you keep up with all of the changes? While it's far from taking all of the programming jobs, machine learning can help developers make more user-friendly web applications. With the use of Brain.js, you can do text prediction, make small layout changes, check for malicious users, and more.

2:50 PM


The first of two afternoon breaks to stay refreshed and meet other amazing members of the HalfStack community!

3:10 PM

Surviving the Apocalypse with PWAs

Luis Montes (@monteslu) IcedDev

The internet has been destroyed, but you still have your laptop and phone. You didn't install anything special from the app stores, so what's next?

3:40 PM

Machine Learning for Poets: The eMiLy App

Jen Looper (@jenlooper) Microsoft

Can an AI generate believable poetry? Join me as we romp through venerable 19th century poetry to create the eMiLy app: a new way to experience the ethereal poetry of Emily Dickinson, rooted in the 1800s but renewed for 2019. In this talk, I'll guide you through the creation of the eMiLy app, a mobile app designed to influence the user's mood. Feeling sad? Take a selfie, and allow Azure cognitive services to choose a happy or sad poem to alter your mood. Or simply select a happy or sad poem, as determined by an AI's natural language processing power, to allow yourself to feel better, or more grounded, by the power of Dickinson's words. Or, discover how an AI can simulate Emily's poetry, generating new poems before your eyes. It's up to you to decide whether machine learning can enhance, or somehow tarnish, the great classics of the 19th century by the Belle of Amherst.

4:15 PM

Your Browser Is Your Studio

Ruth John (@Rumyra) live:js

What does creating mean? To have an idea? To build something physical? To draw a picture or make a sound?

What has creation come to mean in the digital world, where code is an accepted tool and a computer is an acceptable platform. Modern browsers give us an alluring environment in which to create and build and make to our hearts content.

Is this creative coding? What does that mean? Are we creating or generating? Were we doing that before the accessibility of code. Can everyone do this?

This talk demonstrates this emergence using the browser to illustrate the development of, well, development. Has code replaced more traditional ways to create? Or has it just complimented it?

4:35 PM


The last of two afternoon breaks to stay refreshed and meet other amazing members of the HalfStack community!

4:55 PM

JavaScript On Microcontrollers

Niels Leenheer (@html5test) Salonhub

Microcontrollers have become powerful enough to run JavaScript. With just 30 lines of code, we can build a connected lightbulb, and within seconds we can wirelessly deploy it. Write a couple of lines more, and you can even remotely control a car. And that is precisely what we are going to do.

5:30 PM

Listening to maps

Rene Rubalcava (@odoenet) Esri

Maps can do more than give you directions to the closest coffee shop, Maps are natural story tellers - what if we could listen to that story? We'll integrate the web audio API with map visualizations and statistics to listen to a map's untold story.

5:50 PM

Yoda, Web, Spock

Dylan Schiemann (@dylans) SitePen

Many of today's technologies were prognosticated by science fiction of the past. We'll explore how well sci-fi predicted today's features of the web platform and determine which sci-fi movies provide the best predictive framework for the web.

6:15 PM


A quick recap of the day, announcements, and information about the afterparty and the JavaScript Pub Quiz.

6:25 PM

Dinner and Afterparty

Enjoy a quick dinner and form teams for the afterparty JavaScript Pub Quiz.

8:00 PM

Afterparty JavaScript Pub Quiz

Join us for our infamous afterparty JavaScript Pub Quiz including some of the most obscure JavaScript trivia and prizes!

10:00 PM

Afterparty Ends

Thanks for attending HalfStack New York 2019. We hope to see you at a future HalfStack event!