The HalfStack Vienna 2019 speakers are listed below. The exact schedule and remaining session details will get announced between now and the day of the event. HalfStack starts around 10am and includes the sessions, breaks, lunch, dinner, and an interactive afterparty. Plan to arrive around 10am and stay late!

Beyond 100% CSS Mario Kart

Stephen Cook (@stephencookdev) Thread

Last November in London Stephen wowed us with the power of CSS by creating the Mario Kart UI purely with HTML and CSS.

This year in Vienna he will show us some new CSS tricks to make 100% Mario Kart even better.

To be announced

Eva Lettner (@eva_trostlos) xxxldigital and Women && Code

Eva is a CSS Artist, front-end developer, and co-founder of Women&&Code.

More details about Eva's talk will be revealed closer to the date of HalfStack.

JavaScript On Microcontrollers

Niels Leenheer (@html5test) Salonhub

Microcontrollers have become powerful enough to run JavaScript. With just 30 lines of code, we can build a connected lightbulb, and within seconds we can wirelessly deploy it. Write a couple of lines more, and you can even remotely control a car. And that is precisely what we are going to do.

To be announced

Katrin Freihofner (@ka_trin_f)

Katrin spends extensive time working with design systems. Katrin will bring a fresh look at the power of design systems to HalfStack Vienna!

More details about Katrin's talk will be revealed closer to the date of HalfStack.

To be announced

Christian Heilmann (@codepo8) Microsoft

Chris speaks around the world, inspiring web developers through his thoughts and insights on the web, programming, and more.

More details about Chris' talk will be revealed closer to the date of HalfStack.

Live Coding: Augmented Reality Game with WebXR

Christian Grail (@cgrail) SAP

Christian will develop an Augmented Reality based game in a galaxy far, far away. During the session he will talk about the current limitations of AR and future solutions. This talk will empower and encourage you to build your own Augmented Reality web apps.

Beats, Rhymes, and Unit Tests

Tony Edwards (@tonyedwardspz) Software Cornwall

Hip Hop and Unit Tests. A match made in heaven? Through a mix of audio, video and live performance, Tony Edwards will explore Web Audio in an attempt to convince the audience of its suitability for audio transcription. This is a fast paced and highly engaging talk with a crescendo you won’t forget.

To be announced

Dylan Schiemann (@dylans) SitePen

Beyond organizing HalfStack, Dylan comes up with fun and creative talks for HalfStack including Cats vs. Dogs and Fear and Loathing in JavaScript.

More details about Dylan's talk will be revealed closer to the date of HalfStack.

The Magic of RxJS

Natalia Tepluhina (@N_Tepluhina) VueJS and Gitlab

RxJS is often considered to be complicated but it's not true! It's just developed to deal with difficult asynchronous tasks. Let's learn this magic while building a simple game together with RxJS.

Just go for it: The story of dance-mat.js

Ramon Huidobro (@SenorHuidobro) Freelancer

In this talk, Ramon will relate his adventures coming up with dance-mat.js, the project for making a Dance Dance Revolution controller with Raspberry Pi, the Bare Conductive PiCap, a yoga mat, and Node.js.

To be announced

George Mandis (@georgemandis) SnapTortoise

George combines music and tech to deliver fun and engaging talks.

More details about George's talk will be revealed closer to the date of HalfStack.

Lets Recurse!

Rob Bateman (@robnet) Freelancer

Recursion is an integral part of computing, these days used in everything from physics simulations to choosing your next video recommendation.

This talk will focus on graphical recursion, looking at how games and in particular the demoscene use recursion to create seemingly infinitely varied objects and worlds, how the maths of prime numbers plays a role in some of the most interesting results, and how recursion is applied in today's machine learning algorithms.


Stefan Baumgartner (@ddprrt) DynaTrace and ScriptConf

Mary had a little LAMP, and was sure that it can grow,
but once her page went viral, she watched the whole app blow!

Looking at the monolith, where everything was destroyed,
she asked herself "where should I start?" and got easily annoyed.

Let's end this strange absurdity, Mary spoke out loud.
She broke it up, piece by piece And moved everything into the cloud

In this talk you will learn, an architecture that's no sham,
Your apps will never ever burn, I'm sure this is your JAM!