HalfStack CFP Process

Note: Due to the current economic uncertainty with the tech ecosystem, we are a bit behind on reviewing and responding to CfP submissions. We appreciate your patience.

The new HalfStack CfP process is a significant change from traditional CfP after having time to reflect on what we like and dislike about CfPs during COVID.

Note that being a speaker/performer at HalfStack is not just about showing up for your session and then departing. The value to you and the audience is being part of the full event, being available to participate in the speaker dinner, all of the sessions, and the afterparty. We understand that things might come up unexpectedly, but you should not propose a session if you do not expect to be present for the entire event.

The new approach is open-ended, with no formal deadlines or guidelines. You simply create a Living Spec document, add the details you feel are relevant (please limit to two session ideas), share your CfP document with hello at halfstackconf dot com (in email address form, share as admin), and we'll review and give you feedback. If we have space and feel the session is relevant, we'll invite you to speak. If there is a specific location you would prefer to speak, also let us know. All preliminary communication will happen within the Living Spec document.

In general, excellent HalfStack sessions are creative, humo(u)rous and inspiring, focus more on what we can create with the web platform than the specific framework. They're generally not full scale tutorials, but more "here's how I created something, here's the fun demo".

To get started with the CfP, create your Living Spec account, put together your idea, and then share it with us.

For years HalfStack has showcased many of our side projects. Living Spec started as HalfStack founder Dylan Schiemann's side project before becoming his full time hustle!

Living Spec is typically used for your team to create your next product spec! Amazing conference sessions are their own mini-products, so now you have the freedom to create your own session spec, rather than being confined to whatever form fields we think are interesting. Living Spec is in beta so please be patient if you run into any issues.

Also please be patient in general. We're a small team. Sometimes we respond almost instantly, sometimes it takes us a couple of weeks as we're busy preparing for the next event. Our response will typically come in the form of assigning a task to you in Living Spec to review, so be sure that this correspondence does not end up in your spam folder.