HalfStack Pricing

The goal of HalfStack is to do slightly better than breakeven for each event. Our pricing model reflects these goals.

HalfStack offers free and paid tickets for each event, and now offers various subscription options.


Single ticket pricing (paid)

 Early early birdEarly birdStandardLate bird
When1st month2nd & 3rd months4th-8th monthsLast chance
Quantity1st 201st 40AllAll
Price range (USD/GBP/EUR)150175-200225-250275-325
Team (6 for 5)NoYesYesYes
DiscountsNoLiving Spec usersLiving Spec users;
occasionally offer discounts of 10 or 20%
Living Spec users;
occasionally offer discounts of 10 or 20%

Single ticket pricing (free or very low cost)

SpeakersVolunteerDiversity or HardshipStudentMeetup OrganizersSponsors
WhenAnyVariesVariesVariesVaries1-4 included with package
QuantityAnyUp to 10VariesVariesVariesN/A
Price range (USD/GBP/EUR)0000-1000included


Subscriptions offer the benefit of getting a ticket at an early bird price every year and spreading the cost over time.

Annual pass, single ticket

Annual pass, two tickets

Annual pass, one ticket for all events

Living Spec Subscriptions

Living Spec is co-founded by the founder of HalfStack. If you like and use Living Spec and want to be an early paid user, Living Spec offers paid subscribers the option of one free HalfStack ticket with their Living SpecCer Plan ($20/month or $204/year) or two free HalfStack tickets per year with their Living SpecTacular Plan ($50/month or $504/user).