The HalfStack London 2020 schedule will get announced in mid-2020. Expect to arrive around 10:00 and stay late. For now, here's the HalfStack London 2019 lineup:


Doors Open

Arrive, get your conference swag, enjoy a coffee or tea, and meet other HalfStack attendees!


Welcome to HalfStack!

A warn welcome and introduction to HalfStack. Information on what to expect for an amazing day.


Reconsidering Open Web Tooling

Christian Heilmann (@codepo8) Microsoft

The web isn't text editors, FTP clients and browsers any longer. We build complex things and we use a lot of complex tools to create them. This means we can feel spoiled by choice and overwhelmed with decisions. Let's take a look at how technology can help us make the right ones for the good of our users.


Adding Machine Learning to Plants

Lily Hoskin (@LilyHoskin) Helix Centre

The year is 2019, JavaScript is everywhere, even in plants! Lily would like to show you how to apply your Javascript skills to build hardware.

Lily uses machine learning to build health technology.


Readable code - Available without prescription

Daniel van Berzon (@DvBerzon) Ocasta Studios

Grammar is all about rules, but not all rules are the same. This talk tells the story of a revolution in the world of linguistics and how we can apply it to software development.

With the help of Shakespeare, Noam Chomsky and some little green men, we will learn the dangers of prescriptive rules, and discover how an amateur online scientific experiment could help us write readable code.



Enjoy lunch with the HalfStack community. Options for anyone with dietary restrictions are available.


Being Eco-friendly with JavaScript

Jonathan Fielding (@jonthanfielding) Uswitch

As developers we have access to huge amounts of data about the world around us. This talk will use live coding to look at the data of the world around us so we can better optimise our lives to be eco-friendly.


Saving the World With SVG

Chris Dowling (@gingerchris) Unmade

How creative problem-solving, lucky googling and GCSE level maths helped us tame SVG and utilise it in our quest to make the fashion industry less polluting.


Lets Recurse!

Rob Bateman (@robnet) Freelancer

Recursion is an integral part of computing, these days used in everything from physics simulations to choosing your next video recommendation.

This talk will focus on graphical recursion, looking at how games and in particular the demoscene use recursion to create seemingly infinitely varied objects and worlds, how the maths of prime numbers plays a role in some of the most interesting results, and how recursion is applied in today's machine learning algorithms.



The first of two afternoon breaks to stay refreshed and meet other amazing members of the HalfStack community!


JavaScript On Microcontrollers

Niels Leenheer (@html5test) Salonhub

Microcontrollers have become powerful enough to run JavaScript. With just 30 lines of code, we can build a connected lightbulb, and within seconds we can wirelessly deploy it. Write a couple of lines more, and you can even remotely control a car. And that is precisely what we are going to do.


Adventures in Reinventing Interfaces

Suz Hinton (@noopkat) Stripe

Computers and other electronic devices existed for a long time before the web made its debut. Can modern web interfaces help invigorate the small computing space, while driving a new set of creative developers to invent better and more playful experiences? We'll find out in this talk.


Yoda, Web, Spock Reloaded

Dylan Schiemann (@dylans) SitePen

Many of today's technologies were prognosticated by science fiction of the past. We'll explore how well sci-fi predicted today's features of the web platform and determine which sci-fi movies provide the best predictive framework for the web.



The last of two afternoon breaks to stay refreshed and meet other amazing members of the HalfStack community!


Making the Conditional Orchestra

Richard Bultitude (@rbultitudezone)

Richard's project turns the weather into music and his story about turning inspiration into an instrument. Sharing the highs and lows of making The Conditional Orchestra will give the audience some insight into creative coding for web audio apps, publishing open source software and solving quirky technical problems whilst having a few laughs along the way.


An Early Christmas Surprise

Jo Franchetti (@thisisjofrank)

This top secret early Christmas gift of a talk will get revealed the day of HalfStack London!



A quick recap of the day, announcements, and information about the afterparty and the JavaScript Pub Quiz.


Dinner and Afterparty

Enjoy dinner and form teams for the afterparty JavaScript Pub Quiz.


Afterparty JavaScript Pub Quiz

James Milner (@jameslmilner) SitePen

Join us for our infamous afterparty JavaScript Pub Quiz including some of the most obscure JavaScript trivia and prizes!


Live JS Music Performance

Dylan Beattie and Special Guests (@dylanbeattie) Skills Matter

Dylan writes songs about code, writes code about songs, and he's been called 'software's answer to Weird Al'. Join Dylan Beattie and some special guests at HalfStack London for a unique live musical performance. Classic rock hits from the Beatles to Bon Jovi, lovingly refactored, packed with nerdy jokes, and performed live - with lyrics on screen so you can all sing along. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you might even dance.


Afterparty Ends

Thanks for attending HalfStack London 2019. We hope to see you at a future HalfStack event!