A preliminary collection of speakers are listed below. More details and a final schedule will be announced closer to this year's event. HalfStack starts around 10am, includes breaks, lunch, dinner, and an interactive afterparty with a pub quiz and a live band performance. Plan to arrive around 10am and stay as late as midnight!

To be announced

Suz Hinton (@noopkat) Stripe

Suz creating amazing things with WebUSB and other emerging technologies. The details of her talk will be announced closer to the event.

Readable code - Available without prescription

Daniel van Berzon (@DvBerzon) Ocasta Studios

Readable code is vital to productivity in software development, but there is little literature on and almost no academic research. JS linting rules are full of prescriptive statements like "Prefer X because it is more readable", which present subjective opinions as facts.

Using examples from linguistics, Daniel explains why Descriptive rules are preferable to Prescriptive ones, and introduce, his proof of concept experiment to find descriptive rules for code readability.

An Early Christmas Surprise

Jo Balletti (@thisisjofrank)

This top secret early Christmas gift of a talk will get revealed the day of HalfStack London!

JavaScript On Microcontrollers

Niels Leenheer (@html5test) Salonhub

Microcontrollers have become powerful enough to run JavaScript. With just 30 lines of code, we can build a connected lightbulb, and within seconds we can wirelessly deploy it. Write a couple of lines more, and you can even remotely control a car. And that is precisely what we are going to do.

To be announced

Ruth John (@Rumyra) live:js

More details about Ruth's talk will be revealed closer to the date of HalfStack.

To be announced

Dylan Schiemann (@dylans) SitePen

Dylan is the CEO at SitePen, Dojo co-founder, and the organiser of HalfStack. The details of his talk will be announced closer to the event.

To be announced

Christian Heilmann (@codepo8) Microsoft

Chris speaks around the world, inspiring web developers through his thoughts and insights on the web, programming, and more.

More details about Chris' talk will be revealed closer to the date of HalfStack.

Storytelling with Hand Puppets in AR, on the web!

Jyoti Bishnoi (@methodiva) Not A Bot Studio

With new parents like Jyoti, Hand puppets are all the rage. And while physical hand puppets are quite wonderful, they are also limited by how many you can have, and what they can do.

Here Jyoti presents a new technological breakthrough that her 2 year old daughter is absolutely gaga about: AI-driven virtual Hand puppets experienced through AR on the mobile web! At the heart of it, it's a custom hand pose recognition neural net that recognizes how you're moving your hand.

Lets Recurse!

Rob Bateman (@robnet) Freelancer

Recursion is an integral part of computing, these days used in everything from physics simulations to choosing your next video recommendation.

This talk will focus on graphical recursion, looking at how games and in particular the demoscene use recursion to create seemingly infinitely varied objects and worlds, how the maths of prime numbers plays a role in some of the most interesting results, and how recursion is applied in today's machine learning algorithms.

To be announced

Lily Hoskin (@LilyHoskin) Helix Centre

Lily uses machine learning to build health technology. The details of Lily's talk will be revealed closer to HalfStack London.

Making the Conditional Orchestra

Richard Bultitude (@rbultitudezone)

Richard's project turns the weather into music and his story about turning inspiration into an instrument. Sharing the highs and lows of making The Conditional Orchestra will give the audience some insight into creative coding for web audio apps, publishing open source software and solving quirky technical problems whilst having a few laughs along the way.

Being Eco-friendly with JavaScript

Jonathan Fielding (@jonthanfielding) Snyk

Can JavaScript help us be more environmentally friendly? We'll find out in this talk!

Live JS Music Performance

Dylan Beattie and Special Guests (@dylanbeattie) Skills Matter

Dylan writes songs about code, writes code about songs, and he's been called 'software's answer to Weird Al'. Join Dylan Beattie and some special guests at HalfStack London for a unique live musical performance. Classic rock hits from the Beatles to Bon Jovi, lovingly refactored, packed with nerdy jokes, and performed live - with lyrics on screen so you can all sing along. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you might even dance.